Purposeful Growth Profile: John Finley Achieves Safety Certifications

Tue., Dec 6, 2022 | Ergon

We believe the Purposeful Growth of our family of employees lends to our continued success in the industries we serve. That’s why Ergon management encourages employees to seek opportunities to grow professionally. We want every employee, from the veteran to the new hire, to feel empowered to reach their potential and be the best they can be. In this Purposeful Growth Profile, we highlight the recent accomplishments of John Finley, Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Technician for the Operational Excellence Department at Ergon - West Virginia (EWV).




John Finley recently completed courses at West Virginia University to become a Certified Safety Specialist – General Industry and a Certified Safety Trainer – General Industry.

While these highly sought-after certifications are not required for John’s position, he took the initiative to seek out and complete the courses to further educate himself and also to further impact Ergon’s goal for every employee to return home safe every day. “John truly embodies the values of Purposeful Growth and Empowered Service,” said Jack Azar, EWV Continuous Improvement Manager. “He is a driven individual who wants to learn and grow in his position and find ways to best serve, support and ensure the safety of others.”

John’s journey to obtaining the certifications did not come without challenges, as it was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but he remained focused through over 150 core and elective course hours. “The courses were originally intended to be taught in person, but because of the pandemic, courses were switched to an online format,” said Chip Roush, EWV Environmental, Health & Safety Supervisor. “This was out of John’s comfort zone, but he persevered.”

John joined EWV on October 11, 2010, as an Oil Movements trainee in the Operations Department. He has since held roles as Area E Operator, Area D Operator, Health & Safety Technician and now Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Technician, overseeing the provision of safety, first aid, CPR, fire brigade, rescue and training services for EWV personnel.