About Ergon Specialty Oils

Ergon has focused on the needs of specialty markets since our beginning. We have grown from a small crude oil refinery to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty base oils and waxes. Our specialty oils are sold in more than 90 countries around the globe.

Ergon's Specialty Oil Brands:

Energy & Specialty Solutions

Energy & Specialty Solutions (ESS) consists of Ergon’s refinery operations and the marketing of various refined products, including specialty naphthenic and paraffinic products for niche markets and fuel products.

Ergon leverages the capacities, knowledge and relationships of two independent, collaborative refineries to convert crude oil from numerous qualified sources into specialty petroleum products and commercial fuel products. Both facilities utilize other subsidiaries to maximize throughput, improve efficiency and control quality.

Raw Materials Evaluation Program

Ergon’s raw material evaluation program is unrivaled, ensuring a secure, consistent supply. ESS benefits from Ergon subsidiaries that specialize in crude oil gathering and stabilization, as well as company-owned and leased storage terminals which are strategically positioned to facilitate the ability to store and transport crude and finished products on a global scale.

Ergon Refining, Inc. (ERI)

Ergon Refining built its first refinery in 1978 to produce fuels in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The company has continued to expand its capabilities and overall capacity to become the leading manufacturer of naphthenic specialty products in the world.

ERI currently has a production capacity of up to 26,500 barrels per day, converting crude oil into severely hydrotreated naphthenic specialty products.

ERI is ISO 14001:2015, ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Ergon - West Virginia, Inc. (EWV)

Recognizing an opportunity to expand its niche markets to include paraffinic products, Ergon - West Virginia acquired the Newell, West Virginia, refinery from Quaker State in July 1997.

The Newell refinery utilizes high-pressure hydrotreating, solvent dewaxing, vacuum distillation and residuum solvent deasphalting to produce highly refined paraffinic Group II “neutral” base oil products, waxes, Group I bright stock, and petroleum resins.

EWV has the capacity to process up to 23,500 barrels of crude per day.

EWV is ISO 9001:2015 certified / REACH compliant.

Process Oils, Inc. (POI)

Based in Sugarland, Texas, Process Oils is a specialty oils marketer serving the rubber, plastic and lubricant industries. Founded in 1979, POI has established relationships with a variety of specialty oil manufacturers. POI promotes an extensive portfolio of paraffinic, naphthenic, aromatic and renewable products. POI serves a primary customer base within the U.S. and Canada but is steadily growing toward a worldwide market.

Our Legacy

Throughout Ergon Energy & Specialty Solutions and the entire Ergon family of companies, our horizons have expanded since our beginning, but our mission remains the same.

Meet needs. Support families. Serve customers.

This mission stems from the Ergon culture which was defined by one man, our founder Leslie Lampton. Driven by the values of hard work, customer service, reliable supply and quality products, Ergon has grown steadily and strategically over the years to become a well-diversified global organization, employing approximately 3,200 people around the world. Second- and third-generation members of the Lampton family serve in various businesses throughout the organization.

More About Ergon, Inc.

Ergon’s primary business segments include:

  • Energy & Specialty Solutions
  • Pavement & Coating Resources
  • Integrated Services & Logistics
  • Exploration & Production

Our companies are engaged in a wide range of operations, including:

  • Sophisticated crude oil processing
  • Producing and marketing naphthenic and paraffinic specialty oils, thermoplastic resins, specialty asphalt products, road maintenance products and machinery
  • Transporting and terminaling crude oil, petrochemicals and refined products
  • Propane marketing
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Real estate development and commercial construction.

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