Ergon's Emergency Response Teams

Thu., Aug 24, 2023 | Ergon

Learn how the Emergency Response Team volunteers from Ergon Refining Inc. (ERI) and Ergon - West Virginia Inc. (EWV) are furthering their training to help ensure the safety and well-being of refinery employees and the communities we serve. We are grateful for their commitment to safety and their willingness to protect their peers.




Emergency Response Teams are Doing Right by Saving Lives

Ergon Refining Inc. (ERI) and Ergon - West Virginia Inc. (EWV) have on-site volunteers who serve on Emergency Response Teams (ERTs), which were created as part of an ongoing commitment to health and safety at Ergon facilities. ERT members undergo necessary training on strategic processes in emergency situations and ways to mitigate risks of injuries and illnesses to the Ergon family.

At EWV, the ERT consists of 48 volunteers who respond to several types of emergencies, both within the facility and in the community. These ERT members receive medical training at the first responder level, and some volunteers are also trained in many facets of technical rescue, including high-angle, confined-space, trench and water rescue. Many EWV ERT volunteers have also obtained basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), advanced EMT and paramedic certifications.

At ERI, the newly established ERT consists of 25 volunteers, and they are actively recruiting more members. ERT members receive fire, hazardous materials and medical emergency response training. In the future, the team will participate in more extensive firefighting training and will also train in confined space, trench and water rescue. Ensuring health and safety and saving lives is the top priority for these Ergon Emergency Response Teams, and we are grateful for the efforts of our family of volunteers.

This initiative is one of many we embrace as part of efforts to ensure a safe work environment. Our goal is for every employee to return home safe, healthy and whole every day. The ERTs are important for quick response in the event of an emergency. This safety initiative puts actions to words and makes our workplace safer each day.